Physically demanding work. Made easy.
Laevo. Supports you.

Evolution of robotics and automation is changing the working environment.
However, the “power” of people continues to be indispensable in maintaining production and service quality.
The concept behind LAEVO is to reuse your own energy instead of generating it in every movement.
The LAEVO reduces the strain on the shoulders, lower back, and other parts of the body when engaged in work that requires leaning forward.
Coexisting with robotics and automation is sure to result in a new type of synergy as we move toward the next generation of working environments.

Supporting work without waste or excessive effort.

写真:Energy recovery system

Energy recovery system

The LAEVO’s source of power is the wearer’s kinetic energy.
It uses an energy recovery system. Energy is stored while bending forward which then recovers when coming up again.

写真:The three “bones” that support the trunk.

The three “bones” that support the trunk.

The human body relies only on the spine for supporting the trunk, but the LAEVO provides extra support from both left and right side of the body.
The LAEVO supports the upper body and distributes the load around the spine, which leads to stable movement.

Easy to wear and allows natural movement

Chest pads

Chest pads


The chest pads support the chest when leaning forward. The EXGEL redistributes the pressure, and the structures continues to provide support without hindering movement, even when rotating the body.

Details of the EXGEL



The LAEVO is structured to fit the body around the chest and pelvis. Fine-tuning allows width and length fine adjustment. Structures come in 4 different length to cover users between 150cm and 180cm in height.

Smart joints

Smart joints

The LAEVO main unit reduces strain on the lower back by up to 40%. Angle adjustment allows support angles and on/off switch enables freedom in movement.

Value-added advantages of the LAEVO



Weights only about 2.8kg.
It feels like wearing a jacket.

Easy to wear

Easy to wear

Can be easily worn by simply fastening the chest pads and pelvis belt.

Batteries not required

Batteries not required

Requires no batteries or any other source of power. Useful even during natural disaster.

Reduces strain on the lower back

Reduces strain on the lower back

Reduces strain between the shoulders and lower back by between 40% and 50% when leaning forward.

Natural movement

Natural movement

Can be used in body rotating, keeling-down or squatting position.

Various optional items to expand usage scenarios

写真:Waterproof Chest Pad Covers

Waterproof Chest Pad Covers

Product Code: LEV02-CR1-M-C
Washable waterproof covers for the EXGEL pads to protect against the odor of perspiration, etc. (Pair)

写真:Leg Structure Covers

Leg Structure Covers

Product Code: LEV23-BK
Leg structure covers to prevent structure interfering with wearer or products. (Pair)

写真:Structure Covers

Structure Covers

Product Code: LEV22-BK
Structure covers to prevent structure interfering with wearer or products. (Pair)

写真:EXGEL Pads for Leg Pads

EXGEL Pads for Leg Pads

Product Code: LEV03-BK
EXGEL leg pads. Alleviates contact pressure on thighs. (Pair)

写真:Crotch Belt

Crotch Belt

Product Code: LEV21-BK
Crotch belt to prevents the smart joint unit from sliding upwards during dynamic movement.

写真:Leg Pad Fastener Belt

Leg Pad Fastener Belt

Product Code: LEV20-BK
Belt to keep the leg pad from shifting away. (Pair)