About EXGEL®

EXGEL’s three features

Impact, Pressure, and Shear stress
EXGEL solves these three issues and support the workers.


Elasticity to absorb shock

EXGEL absorbs the shock from the instant you sit with its gentle, refined elasticity, without feeling like you’re sitting on a hard surface.


Flexibility to distribute pressure

Super flexible EXGEL stretches up to 20 times its size, yet return to its original shape. This flexibility redistributes the pressure applied to the body.


Fluidity that goes hand-in-hand with shifting

Fluidity of EXGEL moves along with user’s body movement and keeps alleviating pressure applied on body.

Demonstration: Lateral Force

EXGEL absorb more than 10 times of shock compared to general urethane foam. EXGEL used in chest gel pad gently supports the workers from impact and pressures. EXGEL moves with the body to enhance the sensation of comfort when worn.

A golf ball is dropped from a 1-meter height. The ball bounces about half that height when dropped onto urethane foam; with EXGEL, the ball barely bounces at all, and the impact is absorbed.

Demonstration: Force Distribution

Shear stress occurs between LAEVO and body when working.
Flexible movement of EXGEL buffers shear stress and reduces pressure on body.

When a peach is pressed and moved sideways on urethane foam, its skin gets damaged from the friction produced; with EXGEL, no damage occurs.