June 22, 2018

LAEVO V2.5 released in Japan

KAJI CORPORATION has commenced sales of the latest version of the LAEVO, the LAEVO V2.5.
The latest specifications have resulted in even greater ease-of-use of the simple yet revolutionary the LAEVO support function.

The main features are as below.

Advantages inherited from previous specifications

  • Effectiveness that reduces strain on the lower back by up to 40%
  • Lightweight wearability like wearing a jacket
  • High levels of convenience that do not require the use of batteries
  • Simple structure that is easy to maintain

Functions added to V2.5

  • Easy parts replacement
  • Fine-tuning to structural length (height, width) possible
  • Adjustable support angle
  • Support assistance can be switched on/off
  • Even more comfortable to wear

These improvements give more reasons to adopt the LAEVO.

  • Reduces the time and costs involved in maintenance and parts replacement.
  • Can easily be shared by multiple workers
  • Leaning forward, crouching, standing, sitting, and other such actions are now even more comfortable

Laevo V2.5 image